Folder Inserter entreprise series

The FPi 5700 turns any mail center into a strategic business asset, providing a plataform for processing your business critical mailings.

FPi5700 at a Glance

Folder Inserter


Feeds, folds, inserts, seals, and stack automatically.

high speed

Processes up to 4,000 finished envelopes per hour.


The FPi5700 provides ultimate efficiency with customizable and upgradable features.

Double Document Detection

An electro-mechanical device that secures your documents with 100% accuracy.

Simple and Secure

Advance Innovation


Overcome the challenge of protecting your sensitive, business critical documents with the FPi 5700’s robust security features.

Interface Compatibility

Create synergy in your mailroom by connecting your compatible folder inserter and your PostBase Pro with the new interface. It streamlines time consuming mailroom task and increases production output. 

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