PostBase pro DS

Postage System

PostBaser Pro is more than the next generation of PostBase – it’s an uncompromising vision of professional mailing for the modern mailroom.

PostBase pro DS at a Glance

Dynamic weighing and pricing


Automatically price letters as they are metered.


Processes up to 90 letters per minute dynamically.


Full color touch screen and just one button, simple.


Mixed mail feeder at up to 140 letters per minute.

Master your mailroom like a pro

Dynamic weighing and pricing

flexible configuration

PostBase pro DS was developed with your business in mind, with flexible options from differential weighing to powerful accounting software, the PostBase pro DS postage meter can adapt quickly to your growing needs and is highly connectable. Powerful, exceptional PostBase pro DS.

accurate differential weighing

Our PostBase auto can offer you the option of an automatic feeder, PostBase pro DS takes this one step further by offering a dynamic weighing option, weighing every letter as it is sent through the system, just simply stack your mail onto PostBase pro DS and let the system do the rest. Automatic dynamic weighing, simple and fast.

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